The Ultimate Cheat Hacks To Make College Moving Easy

Moving to college is an exciting yet hectic part of any college student’s life. It is the start of an important milestone in one’s life. It may be a difficult task at first, leaving the comfort of your home and moving to experience the world on your own, but it certainly is one that promises loads of challenges, experiences and memories. But in order to face these one must first get through the hard task of moving out and this may not be the easiest thing to do especially for those with loads of prized possessions and non-existent organizing skills! But here are a couple of tips to help you out;

Organizing and sorting

Especially if you have no organizing skills at all whatsoever this may be hard at first but you definitely will be able to pull through once you realize the beauty of organizing! Set aside a couple of cardboard boxes for this. Tag each box with exactly what you intend to put in to them. A box for your essential books, a box for your electronic gadgets and corporate gifts company, a box for your shoes and even a box for random pieces of ornament that hold sentimental value! This way when you’ve got to unpack things, your task would be even simpler when you know which box to look in for those missing headphones or books!

Making the best use of space

College dorms aren’t exactly the most spacious and when you’ve got to share it with a roommate things become even difficult. Hence trying to make the best use of space that you’ve got, is important. This may be setting up floating racks or even rolling up your t-shirts to make space inside your dress drawers. You could also opt to leave a couple things inside the boxes as well without unpacking them all, to make up for the lack of space. But don’t hesitate at all on personalizing the place and displaying a souvenir or two that you’ve brought along with you. After all many of us do get homesick after a while!

Make sure your utilities are in line

Especially if you are moving into an apartment with a low rent, first make sure you check the entire place thoroughly before you move in. This may include looking out for damages that were made prior to your moving and even a check on utilities like the constant flow of water, electricity and even mobile signal. This may help overcome a lot of problems that may pop up eventually and will also help in avoiding you being responsible for damages that have not been part of your doing.

Skip out on the moving rush hour

Just like in a traffic jam, moving too has its rush as the time for admitting into college gets closer and closer. Instead of choosing the weekend or any other official holiday to move out, opt to a weekday, this will help reduce somewhat of the challenging situation you may have to face as many others would more or less choose the weekend to move out.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help when moving out, whether it is from your family or friends. Be open-minded on the challenges and experiences this move shall put you through and remember when things become tough don’t give up but simply take a break!