Improving Construction Site Sanitation

Are you a contractor or a stakeholder of some form of commercial construction? Then, this is for you.

All countries and states have laws and regulations in place to ensure the health and safety of workers and these are especially crucial for construction sites as there are a lot of people fulfilling different job roles and almost all of them spend considerable time on the site irrespective of the time of the day.

Improving the sanitation at the location of the construction is of utmost importance.

Portable toilets

These are a must to ensure the health of the workers and every site manager should be aware of the rules and regulations governing the number of toilets that should be set up at the site depending on the number of workers and the number of hours per day/week they will be working there on average.

With the availability of second hand shipping containers for sale that are specially designed for this purpose and come inbuilt with toilets and urinoirs providing sanitary facilities that meet the industry requirements are fairly easy.

Washing facilities

As most of the laborers will generally be living on the site until the completion of the project or at least for a considerable time period, it is essential to provide them with washing facilities. Even if no one was staying at the construction location, facilities should be provided at least for them to wash themselves once they have finished working so that they will not have to be covered with soot, cement particles or dust and other chemicals until they reach the lodging.You can easily buy used shipping containers for setting up the washing area. Showering can also be facilitated without hassle as there are companies that offer containers that are specially designed for this purpose.If the workers are living at the site as was mentioned before, you can also provide them with amenities for washing their clothes, cooking utensils, etc.

Garbage disposal

A lot of waste is sure to be accumulated where there are a lot of people. The workers will bring food items, paper items such as paper bags and newspapers and also polythene items and glass. Therefore, a proper garbage disposal mechanism should be implemented to ensure the hygiene of the personnel.Most of the time the garbage collection will be done by a government authority such as a municipal council but you should encourage the workers to collect the waste at particular locations specially designed for this and not throw things wherever they want whenever they feel like it.

If adequate number of labeled bins were placed throughout the construction site, waste collection will not be much of an issue.
Following the above sanitation tips will not only save you from a lot of legal trouble but will also improve the productivity and efficiency of the workers.